So, Al Pacino it is- “A Simple Story” (Part 1)

What a cruel day it was! My boss fired me from my job, I failed a driving test and my girlfriend got angry with me (as usual).
Huh! I needed some caffeine in my system. So I stopped at this new cafe near my (ex) workplace. There was an appeasing aroma lingering in its air. It soothed my nerves immediately.

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And The Fault was Ours – An Open Letter to John Green.

Dear John Green,

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”
I like my choices… maybe that’s why I let Augustus and Hazel hurt me.
The Fault in our Stars was one such book that not only made me laugh, cry and smile but it taught me some important lessons in life. We always complain that our life is not worth anything, we want the world at our feet, we feel exasperated by the fact that we are just not able to satisfy ourselves but…. in this idiocy of self-fulfillment we forget to give a thought to those people who are battling death each day of their lives. For us the world can become a wish granting factory anytime, but for them it just cannot become one. Their life is calculated in minutes and even seconds but we often have years to think about (Hopefully.)

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THE BIG BIRD- A love that is often forgotten.

The nights turned cold,
A cover of warmth on my body was there to me, snugly hold;
There came the rain instead,
A big ‘tree’, to protect me, stood above my head.
Clouds of darkeness overshadowed our nest,
A fighting spirit won over the scavengers, protecting its little birdies and home, in a manner, which couldn’t have been less than the best.

Leaves too fell from our tree of hope,
A chirp gave us the courage, with this situation, to cope.

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The importance of ‘Breaking Up’ in life.

Hey, I am talking to you. Do you know why is it so important to ‘break up’ ?
This might sound pretty abstract and weird but sometimes it becomes important to ‘break up’. And for me this phrase has a deeper meaning.
In life, you have to break up with those people or things which give you pain as if there is a hole in your chest. Be it a failed marital relationship, your friends, an intolerable dysfunctionality between you and your relatives or even objects or instances of our past.

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His eyes, narrative of a person, solivagant,
Murmuring a silent ballad,
Of an esoteric vagrant.
His tears, glistening;
Diamond like,
make me want to collect them and preserve, in my heart… to make his pain; mine.
His laughter; rhyme of a lost
wanderer… melancholy feels beautiful,
his giggles make it, worthful.
His love; my search for an emotion,
Deep as the ocean,
Transient as the wind,
Still as the tree, and;
Beautiful as melancholy.

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Hope- An Open Letter.

Hi readers,

Hope is my favourite word! It is also the most important word in my life. Hope is not just a four letter word that means a belief that something would happen but, it is the driving force behind waking up everyday in the morning after failing multiple times in the previous day. Such is its power!
It is true, we often feel destressed and hopeless because of failing or having bad experiences before, but if we don’t give hope to our ownselves then how will we get the inspiration to move ahead in life.
Some days back, I too was severely depressed, bad thoughts were coming inside my head, uncertainties were clouding my mind, and I felt that darkness pervaded everywhere around me. Continuous failures, problems in my family had sucked the best out of me. But then I read and heard a few amazing life stories of some people who had failed endless times in their lives. They too faced harsh realities and obstacles in thier path. They too had an emotional breakdown at some point in their lives. Some of them, I felt had less resources and support to fulfil their drrams than me.

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An open letter to the women of today!

Dear women of today,

Ten years ago I fell in love with the world’s best woman… who went on to become my girlfriend. Life was beautiful, our future was set but we all have heard this saying, “Happiness is short lived” and it was definitely ‘short lived’ for me.
“Why did you try to rape her? She loves you!” Asked her father, holding my shirt collar as I saved myself from another slap.

“I didn’t uncle. It is ….” I cried as I tried my best to convince her family and the police that it wasn’t me who did this barbaric act but her own daughter had plotted this against me because I had caught her taking drugs and cheating on me for a rich brat in the city. She didn’t want me to open my mouth and let her dirty secrets be out.

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The heaven in a dustbin.

“Turn around, you bastard,” I heard these lines for the two hundredth time as I stood naked in front of a woman I had known for the last fifteen years of my life.
She blissfully hovered across the dark room with the wooden stick in her hands. Like a coward, I bent my head in shame more than submission. I felt ashamed of the fact that I could not gather the courage to fight her.

Molly had brought me to her home when I was one. She said that I had been left in a dustbin by my teenage parents. Usually children feel fortunate to find a home, but for me the dustbin would have been a strange kind of heaven.

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Soul and sawdust.


My words, my words;

They will still resonate when I’ll die;

For some, they’ll become, an eternal lie.

Others’ corpse will burn, dwell, in their soul, soulless;

Mine, a poetic wanderer; will bloom, imperceptible;

Its essence, of sawdust.

To all, I’d be as, known..a beautiful nightmare,

I’ll be invincible,

By you,

About me, there would be uncountable tales, to share.

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